Is your AUC implementation on track for the 2021 deadline? 

If implementing AUC standards from a technical, operational, and application perspective is more complex than you thought, you aren't alone.

The January 1, 2021 full program implementation date for the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) is approaching quickly. Although there's no time to waste, organizations can still successfully meet the deadline without penalty. Whether your organization is in the selection and planning stages such as qDSM selection, or has fully updated and tested your systems to properly submit to Medicare, this webcast can help you ensure that your AUC implementation is on track.

Based on dozens of AUC implementations, our MEDITECH and technical experts will discuss the three components of AUC compliance, and what you should expect for hours, costs, and effort needed for completion.  During the session, our experts will cover: 

  • Technical, Application, and Operational Preparation
  • Developing a baseline of results to ensure your organization is penalty free after 1/1/2021
  • Dealing with new requirements and last minute changes

Our team will provide practical advice for implementation, options for organizations who desire support and oversight for your AUC implementation, and answer your questions during our live Q&A portion of the webcast. 

Learn from our MEDITECH experts how to put AUC compliance on the fast track. Webcast Presenters: 

Doreen DeGroff With over 30 years of health care experience, Doreen has served as Compliance Director, Professional Service Director, and EHR lead. She is MEDITECH Ready Certified and currently serves as a  MEDITECH Product Director at CereCore. 
Josh Dunaway A veteran in health IT, Josh serves as Director of Technical Services at CereCore with responsibility for  overseeing execution of integration, implementation, data management, and technology infrastructure for CereCore's growing number of health system clients.