Is your AUC implementation on track for the 2021 deadline?

If implementing AUC standards from a technical, operational, and application perspective is more complex than you thought, you aren't alone.

The January 1, 2021 full program implementation date for the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) is approaching quickly. Organizations who haven't demonstrated compliance readiness risk penalties that impact revenue from high-value imaging tests, as well as frustration from providers who experience delays in ordering images for their patients.

Many organizations lack the bandwidth or all the specialized resources they need to efficiently address AUC implementation requirements. That’s why the experts at CereCore® created a CORE SOLUTION that offers a complete package of services from a cross-functional team for rapid success with AUC compliance. Based on dozens of successful AUC implementations and even more quality measures projects, the Core Solution for AUC Compliance includes services in three key areas:

  • Technical Setup and Services
  • MEDITECH Application Services
  • Operational Advisory Services

Overview: The Core Solution for AUC Compliance


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