We're all in this together.

Health IT leaders are working around the clock to support their facilities and providers during this crisis. Our roles as technical, regulatory, and EHR experts are critical links to providing our front lines the tools, resources, and processes they need. Here, we are gathering our latest Health IT strategies, regulatory updates, learnings, and resources for supporting Health IT in the COVID-19 pandemic. 


BLOG: The COVID Factor: What Health System CIOs Are Saying About their IT Priorities Now

With social distancing measures going into effect the month after, our organization has been actively listening to our hospital CIO peers and clients to understand shifts in priorities moving forward.


BLOG: Supporting Epic Clinical Users During Staffing Mobilization

During the height of the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare facilities have had no choice but to cut regularly scheduled procedures and surgeries. 


BLOG: COVID-19 National Response Portal: Join the Hospital System Data Sharing Initiative 

CereCore is assisting with the data collection effort at hospital clients we support, and we encourage other health care organizations to participate in this critical initiative. 


BLOG: Expanded Telemedicine Regulations: Documentation Requirements Overview

While telemedicine is critical in this crisis to provide much needed care, it is easy to fall into reactive mode and falter in providing solid communication regarding technology changes and documentation required for each type of visit.


BLOG: Accelerated Expansion of Telemedicine Needs Strong Governance and Change Management

When deploying a massive project such as rolling out telehealth to several sites in an expedited manner, there are several items to consider...


BLOG: Health IT Support: Making the Shift to Remote Management

The need to secure Protected Health Information (PII), medical record integration, and connect with facilities or team members in remote areas with less than ideal connectivity options adds to challenges of remote support. Here, our team shares insights and tips from years of experience providing and managing help desk and EHR support services remotely.


BLOG: MEDITECH and COVID-19: Curated EHR, Setup and Legislation Guidance from Our Teams

There is a dictionary update that needs to take place in order for sites to order, track and bill for testing and treatment specific to COVID-19. Here is our list of setup and codes to date. 


BLOG: Health IT Crisis and Disaster Planning Recommendations for COVID-19

Most health systems have well-established crisis and disaster plans that encompasses IT, but these plans haven’t been tested to this degree until now. This article is intended on providing basic information regard initiating and adjusting these plans to deal with the current situation in our nation.